ZBuffer Properties by 김윤정

Z buffer 옵션에 대한 이해가 가물가물했는데, 잘 정리된 문구가 있군요.
이것만으로도 충분히 이해가 되네요.

Test Off Write Off:

Sky domes are an excellent example of objects you do not want to test or write.  Since a skydome is drawn first and as the back-most object that fills the screen, avoiding the Zbuffer update would speed the rendering of this object.

Test On Write Off:

Smoke particles are an excellent example of a situation in which you may want "test on write" to be turned off.  In general, smoke is translucent, and you want it to be obscured by other objects, but you want the different smoke particles to blend together.

Test Off Write On

User interfaces would benefit from this setting.  The interface would draw without checking the Zbuffer, because it would always be on top, but then setting the Zbuffer would speed rendering of objects partially obscured by the user interface.

Test On Write On

This setting is the typical operation of the Zbuffer you would expect in normal operation.  Objects will test the Zbuffer to determine if they need to draw and write there own values back into the Zbuffer.



  • kimsama 2008/06/25 16:13 #

    이 분이 점점 ㅋㅋ
  • 김윤정 2008/06/25 16:13 #

    왜요 왜 ㅋㅋ
  • 신주호 2008/06/26 12:52 # 삭제

    오오-_- 정-_-말 이해가 너무 잘-_-되요 오요오요오요오오오오.....

  • 김윤정 2008/06/26 14:09 #

    참 쉽죠?
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