Unity Shader Tag by 김윤정

Shader replacement tags in built-in Unity shaders

All built-in Unity shaders have a "RenderType" tag set that can be used when rendering with replaced shaders. Tag values are the following:

  • Opaque: most of the shaders (NormalSelf IlluminatedReflective, terrain shaders).
  • Transparent: most semitransparent shaders (Transparent, Particle, Font, terrain additive pass shaders).
  • TransparentCutout: masked transparency shaders (Transparent Cutout, two pass vegetation shaders).
  • Background: Skybox shaders.
  • Overlay: GUITexture, Halo, Flare shaders.
  • TreeOpaque: terrain engine tree bark.
  • TreeTransparentCutout: terrain engine tree leaves.
  • TreeBillboard: terrain engine billboarded trees.
  • Grass: terrain engine grass.
  • GrassBillboard: terrain engine billboarded grass.


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